Friday, May 12, 2006


i rarely say this sort of thing, but thank f'ing god it's friday. server install this wk at work had me pretty frazzled, i'm the sole IT geek, so it can get kinda stressful when things don't work, ain't like i have anyone to ask for help. but, stage one of the switch (email) is done, two stages to go (phones and file server). exciting stuff, i bet everyone's super-psyched i'm writing about this crap. what's the suckiest is that the constant rain has had me trapped on the indoor trainer all week (minus the commute to work - i'll do that in any weather). the best thing about chamois-time is working-out all the stress, the indoor just doesn't have the same effect as cruising the open road (yeah right, here in boston!?) or the trail. but, have caught-up on some TV time while pedaling the pain machine. watched crouching tiger, hidden dragon (didn't cry at the end this time) and pale rider (clint's the man) - and caught most of the Sox / Yankees series at night - haven't stayed awake till the end of any, but there in spirit, catching zzzz's on the couch.

been going back and forth on what to do this wknd. been asking folk's opinions again on what to do... re-read the racing section of Friel's Mountain Bike Bible, which was great, got me focused on the 3 wk plan leading-up to Mohican. After reading Friel (and taking Nathan's advice into account) decided that i need to be in the saddle a whole bunch this weekend - but need to be having fun while doing it. Driving 2 hrs each way to a race and needing to do a cpl hrs of riding before and after (in the rain) to get the required saddle time just isn't where i want to be - and if you're mentally not with it, what's the point? i'd just want to be done - and that's not where i want to be with my riding right now. The mtb skillz are sloppy, have only been out a couple-few times, gone for one "epic", i need to hone those skills, get that quality mtb saddle time in. So, am heading-out for a mud and rain-soaked ride on Sunday with Andy. he's already dubbed it the CWE (Cold Wet Epic). Figure i'll hit-up the indoor-up tomorrow during the expected 6" of rain, do some hard LT's, try to simulate a little race action, then ride with andy for as long as we can stand it on Sunday. Those beers sure will taste good when we're done.

You know you've made the right decision in regards to riding when you're fired-up for the wknd's long (painful) efforts vs going into it wondering how much it's going to suck. When you go at it like that, you're gonna wind-up burned-out - and that's not a word i believe in.


At 5/12/2006 8:43 PM, Blogger Jason said...

Good deal. Good mojo rides rock! I plan on enduring some rain drop on the road this weekend. Hope to get some big miles in.

I dig Friel's book but trying to adapt it
more for our style can be hard.




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