Wednesday, February 21, 2007

no time to blog

been way too busy to ride, much less blog recently. life changes a lot with a baby in the house, then add a move to Vermont, a rediculous amount of snow and arctic temps - and the riding really slows-up. on top of that, my legs refuse to throw themselves over the top tube of the indoor trainer. refuse.

got-out for a good one last monday, temps in the teens, ample sun, a light dusting of snow freshening-up the snowpacked dirt roads. headed-up the hill away from house and the Steel Deluxe was soon making fresh tracks past the local farms, up some more then down into a small gulley where cows stood munching hay, sheltered from the wind by a stand of pine. out of the gulley and down past an entrance to a trail i hadn't seen before, getting more and more stoked about the snow melting. sparcely populated hills rise from the Valley, quickly becoming mtns. can't wait to explore beyond the dirt roads.

by tuesday night the snow was falling, by thursday morning we had 3' or more in waitsfield, 5' at the summit of mt ellen. craziness. what to do in chest-deep powder? mtbike. was so windy and cold had to turn-back early and think about getting the proper gear on for the weather - like the snowboard! said before i was all tele this season, but that was a lie, been on the board, trying to get the flow back after a 2yr hiatus and this monster storm was just the ticket. looking for the fall line, keeping the weight forward, charging runs, feeling the flow. finally hit the g-spot of boarding on saturday w/mikey-j, his buddy, and dr mike. good stuff. the snow was so damn good it drew utica dan up with his clan, good times... until the flu hit us! but, that's another story, one best left untold. it ain't pretty. was good to be back in action today, in boston, nice balmy commute...


At 3/01/2007 1:11 PM, Blogger rick said...

Careful! Remember this post?

Now that my daughter is 1 1/2 I'm finding it a bit easier to get back to respectable riding hours but its been tough. Sleep deprivation gets the best of all of us at some point.


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