Friday, March 02, 2007

back in action

the 2-3wk riding hiatus is ovah. finding time with a new baby is hard, but totally doable w/a cool wife - and some creative scheduling (i have yet to ride at 4am like rick does, that's just crazy). the move to VT is what got me, just couldn't do it all... but last Sunday i was done with it - awoke to a bluebird day and spun for 90mins before unloading the uhaul (with a lot of help from friends, friends are cool). it wasn't a long ride, more symbolic than anything else, had to make a point of riding everyday no matter what.

back in boston for work this past wk, the bike commute from dr mike's is over an hr each way, then a great ride back here in Waitsfield yesterday. living in the Mad River valley leaves little options for climbing - as in, if you aren't going up, you're going down. been spinning on the Steel Deluxe w/a rigid fork and studded tires, kinda slow going on melting dirt roads, but that's what this time of yr (well, 2months behind this yr) is all about in my self-created training plan - strength.

heading to FL in a few wks for family time - looking fwd to long rides on the road bike - i appreciate the beast of burden so much more after going so slowly all winter on the commuter or w/the studs on... FL is the perfect for base, just settle into a rhythm and pedal for hrs. it works great for Harvey, that guy is an animal - huge shout out to him for 2nd place to Harlan (another big shout out) at the 12hrs of Razorback. seeing those guys crush that race had me freaking-out that i hadn't even begun base this yr, but so be it. now i am and hopefully in 7wks, i'll at least be able to finish respectably at the Cohutta 100. it won't be simply for base miles, but it will be too early to really crush it. can't fake the effort of a race, it'll be good to open-up the engine even if my ego has to take a beating when i finish farther back than i like. only a turd would skip a race 'cause they aren't 100%.


At 3/03/2007 6:56 AM, Blogger Andy said...

Glad the move is done. You Jenn and Seneca can get back to normal life..

At 3/06/2007 7:40 AM, Blogger rick said...

I rode a short section of melting dirt road the other day and all I can say is good gawd! Thats about the most resistance you could ever come up with. You'll be a machine training on that stuff. Kinda would like to do without the 4am rides myself but you do what you gotta do.


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