Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Karl Rove - finally caught in his lies...

Why yes, we may actually be free of Karl Rove sooner than 2008. Of course, i'm not fool enough to think we'll actually be free of this right-wing lunatic, but if he's found guilty of committing an actual crime versus a perceived crime, i don't see how the Republicans can keep Karl's fat arse on the payroll. Ever since he attacked McCain in the 2000 Primary, I have been an opponent of Karl's Republican Party - as he is the evil genius in the corner, gloating.

Here are some good quotes of Karl and the President denying Karl's involvement in the leaking of a CIA operative's name: This Modern World blog

So, not only did Karl leak her name, he lied to the FBI and the Justice Department and the Bush administration stays tight-lipped... he has to be fired. there is no other option for the man Bush calls "the Architect" - build me some more lies Karl.


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