Monday, July 11, 2005

nothing too exciting today

Can't complain today. My golden legs had faded by the end of the last week and i crawled into fri and sat a lot weaker than i would have thought possible after feeling so good at the start of the week. The spill i took on thursday didn't help things feel good on fri/sat either, but I must have done one too many medium duration, high intensity days. I was trying to go into a build phase week, hoping to set-up the legs for another small peak at the end of July, but just pushed one day too many...

Today, the sun is shining, legs feel good, hip bruise is fading fast and all looks good for Pat's Peak. Will be fun to do after facing-down a solo 24 three weeks ago - and now that the pain has faded fully from Dalton, i'm feeling hungry for another this year. Looking at 24hrs of the Adirondacks, as it is a small local race on a great course for soloists, or maybe splurging and heading to Utah for the 24hrs of Moab in October... see how it goes - and how i feel after taking the week after labor day "mostly" off of the bike for a backpacking trip.


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