Thursday, November 24, 2005

double kahuna

don't have long to sit here as i'm a slave to the 21lb turkey in the oven, but had to write something about wednesday's all-day epic before time passes and the vibe is over. tenps never broke the freezing mark and with heavy rains for days prior, it was a cold toe day, but it didn't dampen our spirits much. layered-up and got the wheels spinning at 730, broke for an 80min dirt nap at 1p, may or may not have built a fire to warm ourselves, ate an insane amount of food andy had cached in gloucester the night before - ham sandwiches, hot soup, coke, cookies, chips... why is it that it's always the food you remember after a hard day's effort? finished-up after sundown at 5pm, all told, 440mins of wheels spin time over 35 kick-your-ass east coast singeltrack miles. that's an average speed of less than 6mph i think. sufficient to say, my back is friggin' killing me after riding the hardtail all day - but man was it a blast. just throwing the light-as pisgah up and over, letting the heavy 2.3 hansventures roll through the lines, not fighting it, but keeping on it too. by the end i was junk, deep in the pain cave while andy led us home, pushed the wind on the final miles of road. that dude is an animal. led us all day, making the toughest trails i've ever ridden look easy.


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