Friday, December 30, 2005

lateral release

snowed 5-6" and was still coming down hard at last report at Cannon. another powder day with me still in pajamas at 930a... which isn't so bad, but would like to get something done besides eat cookies. have 3 new storm doors to install, might tackle one of those, then beers at the shop (western cycle) this afternoon while i wrench on the ellsworth. it's been sitting idle for way too long, time to get re-acquainted. a ride in Lynn w/Andy and Barry isn't the most mellow way to get re-acquainted as those guys take some pretty gnarly lines, but it's more fun to be challenged than not!

but, bigger fish to fry this morning, Jenn's knee-surgery consult is at 11a, we're both pretty anxious to get the scoop. the procedure is called a lateral release, which seems to be standard, but if screwed-up or PT not done religiously, the knee could end-up worse than before, but done correctly and PT adhered to, jenn should be back-out running before summer. pretty wild.

may take today as an easy day, with 30min run/30min spin, but we'll see. like to take it as the legs let me and if they say spin, i'll keep on spinning.


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