Thursday, December 08, 2005


yesterday morning, i was so pleased to be riding outside. but, as always, then there's the night ride home. 25-30mph wind from the nw - headwind - with gusts over 40, temps in the low 20's. the wind wasn't so bad that it'd push me to a stop when riding downhill, but pretty damn close. i was naseaus from the effort by the time i reached home - frozen solid in light winter clothes... that's the trouble with the winter commute. if it's 3 degrees in the morning, but sunny, it's no big deal, it's a pleasure to be out on the bike, but once darkness falls, the same temps are just plain miserable. that being said, i really enjoyed the ride in again this morning, about 15 degrees, light wind, clear blue skies.

big snowstorm en route tomorrow. time to get those studded tires mounted. just like early storms last year, the nor'easter is tracking over the coast - so tons of snow here and none at the ski hill. aghhh! haven't been out on the board yet this season. aghhh!

jenn and i then worked in the basement for a few hours last night, staining boards for a new porch. it's way behind schedule now and temps are too cold to stain outside, so jenn and i got to enjoy the fumes trapped in the basement. purple haze.


At 12/08/2005 10:15 PM, Blogger Jason said...

Snowing like a mofo here near Pittsburgh right now (10:14 pm). Looks like either trainer or XC sking this weekend. Later.


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