Wednesday, December 07, 2005

close one

almost killed a currier this morning. we both a red light, both had a "walk" symbol, a green light for bikers when in the city... a while ago, i read a news article about a cyclist charged with manslaughter for hitting a pedestrian in a crosswalk. so i always stop/pause at reds before the crosswalk, especially if traffic is thick and my view of the entire crosswalk obscured. as i was just getting moving, he came hauling-out from between thick traffic from the right. my head was down as i pushed gears to get going into the headwind, had already looked to the right, cars were waiting for green, safe to go. as i churned, heard softly at first, "excuse me, excuseme, jesus-JESUS, OHFUCK!" - i got on the brakes just in time, he swerved just enough to his right, we missed each other by millimeters, no helmet for the currier of course, on a fixey, pushing a huge gear hard and fast with the crosswind... what was freaky was how polite he was. would have felt pretty awful if he'd hit my front wheel. it would have been wicked ugly.

i don't even bother to mention all the little stuff that happens everyday. llike folks dialing cell phones and swerving out of lane, into mine, but there's a car to the other side of me, where to go... people throwing their car-doors wide open... basic, heads-up riding takes care of it, can never not pay full attention. the one time my head is down, i almost get myself and a currier killed. foolish.

that being said, perfect day today. yesterday's snow never came, sun is out, temps in the high 20's / low 30's. damn glad to be riding on the road vs the indoor.


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