Friday, December 09, 2005

first snow

it's coming-down pretty good now. cyclocross nationals starts today in providence, it's gonna be a wild ride. wish i could get-down there and watch some of the action tomorrow (men's elite championsips at 3p), but promised Jenn i'd look at houses in Beverly. yep, we're thinking of blowing this popsicle stand, get out butts back-up to the north shore where the good trails are! beverly's a pretty decent gig, on the ocean, but also adjacent to miles and miles of conservation land that stretches all the way to Gloucester - it's not unusual to be riding unmarked trails for 7-8hrs and not see another soul. and the trails are right under everyone's noses, but no one knows about them... and you won't find them on a map, either.

"working" from home today. get to go down in the basement and stain another couple hundred sq feet of mahogany... then a ride in the Fells. F the snow. it'll just make it a better strength workout. i think.

don't drink Saint Gootz by Magic Hat unless you want to punish yourself. a german weiss winter wheat? nasty. (i did manage to get all 6 down my gullet, but it took 3 days and a bit of willpower).

do drink Gila Monster's Amber Lager from Steinhaus Brewing in MN! So clean. So tasty. Those six beers disappeared in seconds. Or so it seemed. tried to google it and came-up pretty empty. only available at Trader Joes (cheap, all natural eats, no high fructose corn syrup in their products) in these here parts.

I guess it's time to stop dinking-off. where's my shovel?


At 12/09/2005 10:22 AM, Blogger Jason said...

Check out some stuff from Victory Brewing. Yum-O. I've been on the Storm King Imperial Stout. Mmmmmm 9% alchohol. Sweet and tasty. Great for these snowy days. I've had that Gila Monster. Gift from a friend. Also bought Trader Joes. I've never seen it.

At 12/09/2005 10:30 AM, Blogger jeff said...

sweet, i'll look for it when i hit the mega-packy later today. if they don't have it, no one will.

ok, now it's really time to do some "work"

At 12/11/2005 9:05 PM, Blogger JB said...

Another good reason to drink Victory Brew - They sponsor a women's cycling team!




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