Wednesday, December 07, 2005

big 'ole sub sandwich

every day on my way to the organic, good-for-you grocery store's deli counter for lunch, i pass Harry O's Pizza. Nice guy owns the place, makes a mean meatball sandwich, but only carries white bread sub rolls. after going to harry o's everyday for almost 2 years, i didn't want to bail w/o asking if he'd consider some wheat rolls. harry replies in a pained italian accent, "what? you don't like our bread?" he pauses, says to his wife and son that also work there, "you hear that, he doesn't like our bread!? we get it fresh, just a couple blocks away, it's delicious, what isn't there to like?" they ignore him. he goes on... I leave and head to the organic food store and everyday since have had to scurry-by his front window with my head down. guilt wells-up. a nice, local businessman, working 6-days a week, sunrise to sunset, 365 days/yr and i go to the grocey chain... i'm a bastard.


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