Monday, December 12, 2005

busy wknd

It's almost Christmas, which means it's time to go into sleep deprivation mode to get our house in order for our annual holiday party. The weather couldn't have been any worse on Friday, as we had planned to stain the rest of the mahogany for the new porch, then get going on it. Instead we managed to get the wood inside from the heavy rain (and then stacked it for drying), then we huddled inside like frightened children while it snowed 7-8" in about 90mins, with thunder and lightening flying about. Wild stuff. made for a good excuse for andy to come-over on the subway as his route home was "impassable" according to traffic reports. got our heads into a case of tasty brews.

Saturday was a bluebird day, but no snowboarding for me again this wknd. Woke-up early and stained a few hundred feet of boards w/our carpenter Matt. While we were staining in the basement, the door slid shut w/o us noticing. About 20mins later i go to pick-up a board and just about passed-out. i look at matt, and he mutters, "we need some fresh air." we literally crawled outside on our bellys, both of us totally out of it. damn nasty buzz. lost about 2million brain cells. leaves me with about 4 functioning ones - only need 2 to get my "real" job done, so i'm all good for now.

Squeezed-in some indoor trainer time in-between painting and the like. big gear session as usual for this time of year. 2mins hard, 3mins medium hard for 45mins with warm-up cool-down thrown-in there. getting 'er done.

andy's been riding on the indoor. says he doesn't want to lose his "summer" legs this winter. right-on! i think he got sold on the indoor last wk when he rode for an hour before a mtb night ride - and then just destroyed the trails w/warm legs. the indoor is great for that - i use it to warm-up/cool-down all season... it's the looming 2-4hr sessions i'm dreading just a bit. i did invest in a new saddle for the indoor, nice addition.

can't wait till dec 27th when i finally get to hit the slopes (for 4 straight days!). yeah, yeah! but have got a lot of xmas shopping, smiling, drinking, cleaning, etc before those 4 easy-going days come-around. can't wait.


At 12/13/2005 8:41 AM, Blogger Jason said...

The indoor training does suck, but as long as I focus on the good it will do rather than the fact that I'm pedaling and not moving at all, it's not so bad. I'm going to switch saddles too. Right now I have an old Selle Italia Flight Gel on and it HURTS for anthing over 1:30. Goig to switch to the WTB I used on my mountain bikes.

Hang on to those brain cells!



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