Wednesday, January 18, 2006

big wind

was about to ride home, phone rang, it was jenn. 40-50mph gusts, sleet and some imbedded thunder. i am officially not allowed to ride the bike home. ridden in almost all conditions, but this storm crosses the line i guess. got some good work in this morning, good rides on-tap for tomorrow... the wind tonight would have been brutal, legs will be nice and "fresh" now.

our plans for moving to VT are solidifying, not in a "we have jobs" way, but in resolve. there's always a possibility the owner of my firm will be comfortable with me working from home most of the time, with a weekly or bi-weekly visit to the office for management meetings, collaboration, etc... won't know till i talk to him about it - and he's traveling for next couple-few weeks or i'll just commute once a wk and stay in boston for a while, make a transition... who knows, but now there's resolve.

Where to live in VT? we're thinking Burlington. biggest city there, pretty hip scene...


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