Wednesday, January 11, 2006

mid-winter thaw

night ride t-nite up north shore way. taking advantage of the warmer temps (about 45), supposed to start raining as the ride begins. nice. there's enough ice to warrent the studded tires, but the terrain is so rocky and rough, bound to loose about 100 studs on t-nite's stealth mission. i guess it's worth it as nothing is worse than an ice crash - one of those totally unprepared crashes where the wheels slide-out and you're on the ground wondering what the f happened...

been a good 2nd wk of official training, getting closer to mapping-out the season's races. thinking about going after the local series this year, mix-in 3-4 solid endurance events, maybe a super-epic, probably a two-four... it's all coming together now, but still don't have the "A" race settled... what to do, what to do...


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