Thursday, January 05, 2006


Woke-up to clouds and mist so thick couldn't tell if it was 4am or 7am... Today's run was definitely a run, not a jog. everything feels fine when i keep the pace down, but when i push, it all goes to hell. Wanted to see if i could really run - and it went bad. legs and cardio are mint, it's the 80yr-old back strapped to my 30yr-old legs that's the problem. had to stop at 15mins to stretch the back/legs, then again at 30mins. the cross-training phase is definitely nearing an end with the only exception being some hard days on the snow and the daily 6 story stair run with the bike.

the ride to work was interesting. the mist turned to hard blinding sleet about halfway to the office. had taken-off riding glasses due to the mist, then got poked in the eyes by the little balls of ice later. as this was going-down the rear derailuer cable decided it had had enough and came apart from the housing. managed to get it to stay in one gear in the rear (the 13), so stayed in 38-13 rest of way to work. was fun to push a good sized gear off the line at lights and up a couple decent climbs, turned into a good effort. need to remember to hit-up community bicyle near my office at lunch for new cable/housing. i'll probably forget, go to leave at 530-6p, realize it's still broken, bike shop is closed, and end-up riding home on the 38-13 which could get pretty burly - like fall-over burly.

george sent this link:
some wild stuff.


At 1/05/2006 4:28 PM, Blogger Andy said...

don't know if those guys will live to see their 16 birthday


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