Friday, January 13, 2006

time to do a snow dance

wknd weather is totally sketchy. looking at 1-2" of rain followed by modest snows. all depends on how fast the cold air moves in, how slowly the low pressure moves-out, blah, blah, blah... right now the forecast is for 7-12" of snow in northern VT, will it be enough for some epic pow-pow after all this rain? you know it's a complex system when the weather dudes don't even try to guess. i'm getting-out the voodoo sticks, some chicken blood, all that good stuff, time for some witch-doctor ju-ju, get these snows to come-down!

another fine week in the saddle. getting-in a couple hours per day, enjoying the warm weather, way ahead of where i was in the training cycle last year...

i'm sure folks have seen that bud lite commerical where the guy puts a helmet and googles on to handle the stress of staying 2mins past 5pm on a friday. well, it's 5pm, been working my butt off this wk, time to get the bike clothes on and hammer home. nothing beats riding to/from work to clear the mind. here comes a co-worker with that look, the "i know you're about to leave, but..."

time to roll. have a good one.


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