Wednesday, January 04, 2006

it's on!

that's right. time to get busy. had to take some serious time away from the indoor trainer after last season - as i don't ride on the indoor just when it's crappy outside, but to squeeze extra hours in whenever possible. 20mins here, 60mins there, all season long. it is by far the best method of giving your legs exactly what they need, but also a great way to burn-out. last year i was nearing 200hrs on the indoor trainer (aka, the pain machine). considering i rode for 550 total hrs, the ratio of time spent indoors is quite frightening. but it's back. like jack. hits your legs like a mack. mack-daddy that is. gears, fears and tears. hey, "beers" rhymes with that too. coincidence? i think not.

week 1 of 2006, nothing crazy, just a nice 12-14hr wk to kick things off:
mon: bike commute (85mins). hard effort. skipped indoor ride, was tired.
tues: 44min technical trail run. 30min indoor easy.
wed: 30min indoor. commute (85mins). strength work.
thurs: 45min technical trail run. commute (85mins) hard effort. 30mins indoor easy.
fri: 30min indoor. commute (85mins).
sat: 10mile run, 2-4hr technical mtbike ride w/studded tires in snow. strength work.
sun: 30-60mins indoor real easy.

of course, thurs-sun could change depending on how legs feel. no matter what is planned, i'm never afraid to roll with extra time if legs are feeling good and take it down a notch if they aren't. pretty excited that the long ride of the week (on sat) will be outside and not on the trainer!


At 1/04/2006 10:50 PM, Blogger Jason said...

looks like a good way to mix things up. I'm trying to spend a little less time than last year on my trainer too. I was on it 4+ times a week ALL last winter. Think I was getting sick from being holed up in an old basement. It think 2 - 3 good effort will be fine till I can go outside. Good luck.


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