Thursday, January 12, 2006

yeah, yeah!

temps last night were near 50! caught miracle traffic out of the city, made it to trailhead right on time. then spent 20-30mins changing the wrong wheelset over to maxxis hansventures from the nokian hakka's. barry was patient, but let me know i'd just wasted 20mins of his life. i'm a shithead sometimes, no doubt.

95% of the snow was gone, conditions were amazing for january! a thick mist made things kinda "spooky", but not in a bad sense. at times i felt like my balance/equilibrium were way off, would lean too far to right/left on tight technical lines, but was able to rip some others i'd have trouble cleaning during a sunny afternoon. weird. it was also Bronte-dog's first night ride, no problems there, looks like she'll be rollin' with at night us more often... Early in the ride Barry put aside any doubt that conditions were spectacular with an enormous 10' drop onto a pretty flat and tight landing pad. opposite ride for andy who left the studded tires on and was really slipping-out - being new to studded tires, we now know they're a real liability when temps are above freezing and ice is minimal. hard to know what to expect out there, though, conditions change so fast in new england - lots of guessing at the trailhead as to how much snow would be laying around out there...

rode last night and today in shorts, no jacket, just one layer of capliene w/a jersey on top to break the wind. it's january!?

HUGE snows on tap for this wknd. got an invite to stay with some cool cats up at the Bush - could be an epic powdah wknd if the weather model in place holds true!


At 1/13/2006 8:14 AM, Blogger Jason said...

Man, the Hansventures are some SERIOUS meats. Those trails must be uber gnarly.
Whatever works I say. Later. JM

At 1/13/2006 11:45 AM, Blogger jeff said...

when i switched to Hansventures for trail riding was able to ride all sorts of lines couldn't tackle before. they stick like glue in all conditions and heavier weight keeps momentum going. HANS! to give you an idea of how technical the trails are, a good trail runner can go a lot faster than the best mtbiker - but it's a friggin blast!


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