Tuesday, January 03, 2006

wet snow

2-3" of wet heavy snow in the Fells this morning, temp slightly over 32. Stuck to the same running route, was pretty burly on the steep climbs/descents, zero traction on the wet snow. rolled from my house, across Roosevelt circle, up the Stone Tower, down the white trail for a couple miles before turning down the green to link back-up on the white/blue trail back towards Bellvue Pond and another scurry up the Stone Tower before heading home. 44mins of slip-sliding all over the damn place, but the pace was high today anyway. Back still isn't digging the running thing, but it's been good to mix it up. Really feel ready for cyclocross season. What's that? It's ovah? Oh well. Saves me from buying another bike!

Work has picked-up considerably. Didn't feel like the career moved fwd in any way last year. Asked my employer to toss me some new challenges, something he is glad to do - and i'm glad for the renewed focus. 2006 will not be a year of waiting, but a year of head-on action. 2005 was fantastic, made strides on the bike, but not so in the career. Time to handle that.

Will wrap this up in a moment, but have to mention how great the ride home was last night! It was a holiday for 99% of Boston, the streets were deserted, temps in the mid 30's, downright balmy. the bike felt like a child's toy as i mashed-up the hills, didn't sit down for the first 30mins, then took it a little easier to cool-off. It was a rip! A nice addition to my 2006 commute is a new blinky light for the helmet and a bright yellow reflective coat, never felt safer on the commute. Now have 4 lights blinking off my geeky ass while riding home at night. if someone hits me, well, that'd suck, but the chances just got even slimmer.


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