Wednesday, January 25, 2006

el stinko sicko

i wash my hands 10times/day, never touch doornobs, press elevator buttons with knuckles, rarely ride public transit, you know, all the stupid things cyclists do to keep those pesky germs at bay. got some good riding in last week (considering it's january!), but just didn't get enough sleep - and that was all it took for the bad ju-ju to settle-into the chest and sinuses for a little germ holiday. i've sent-in the home team to battle the germs (sleep, vit c, pineapple, and a couple fingers of scotch) and have taken the riding down a notch this week to recouperate. don't want this thing to linger-on or strengthen, just want it to take its course and get the heck out of my chest and head! first cold in over a year... with all this winter riding, the weight and body fat is lower than normal (for winter), wonder if that made me more susceptible? crapper. at least i'm not shitting myself like i did last time i was sick. it's like going back in time to when you were 2. makes me think of the post by jason yesterday. yucko.

that being said, is 6" of crunchy snow too much to trail ride on? we've managed to night ride once a wk all winter long, it's been fantastic! and don't want to cancel this wk's ride due to a little snow... i should go home and ride the indoor instead of stressing-out the system with the cold air... but what fun would that be? as usual, i'm conflicted - and will probably make the worst choice possible given the situation - long night ride, then stand by the car in wet clothes while we talk shit and have a couple beers. who knows, maybe by 6pm common sense will kick-in or this cold will have me so run-down that the 4 cups of coffee and 2 espresso shots won't be enough to get me going and i'll simply fall over.

lunch time's ovah, time to get some work done. the boss kicked me some loot yesterday, so i guess i better earn it, pay-off that giant-ass tv. time for another double espresso!


At 1/26/2006 8:16 AM, Blogger Jason said...

It was and ugly scene. Brennan was happy as a clam sitting in a pool of... Kids.

I'm rocking a serious chest cold too. Coughing, flem, the works. Damn. I really though I was taking care of myself this year. Oh well. I don't have any scotch but I have some homemade Meade. Hmmmm.

Later. (get better)


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