Sunday, January 22, 2006

another great wk of january riding

this has to be the best riding weather for january new england has ever seen. the 10-day forecast looks to be more of the same, no more 55 degree days, but we've had so many, can't complain about temps in the 30's. that's just downright balmy for this time of year. global warming is killin' the ski hill, but the bike legs are pretty damn happy.

re-cap on last week's sessions:

Monday, rest

Tuesday, 30mins indoor, 90 min commute (hard day)

Wednesday, 45mins indoor, 90min commute (medium day)

Thursday, 20mins indoor, 140min mtbike night rip with andy & barry (hard day) - lost front brake 40-50mins into ride, was really riding well until then, after that took some real nice falls, but also had some real fun, "slip-n'-slide" action as i threw the bike around to compensate for lack of brakes...

Friday, 20mins indoor, 80min commute (easy day)

Saturday, 180min road ride with rob - hill work, rob put together a great hill loop. temps near 60! but wind out of nw at 20+mph, tough first 90mins, had to pull-over to stretch, but ride home was a blast - 20+mph tailwind is incredible experience. can't believe i've ridden 2-3 times this weeks in shorts only. last year it was single digits... and this ride would have been inside, watching one of the many movies my folks bought me for xmas, trying to simulate hills by doing tempo pieces. heck of a lot more fun to ride hills outside!

Sunday, who knows what today will bring... 2hr mtbike ride easy? sounds good to me, better get my honey-do list done so i can get my ass outside. andy and barry hooked-up for a "jump off shit" ride this a.m., but andy claims he's willing to ride again at 2p - at least both our legs will be shot.

Home Depot here i come...


At 1/23/2006 12:57 PM, Blogger gwadzilla said...

it has been a mild winter
great for riding
injury has me on the sidelines
back on the bike
but not on dirt
and well
not that motivated to hit the road for a long one as of yet


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