Sunday, January 01, 2006

last ride of 2005

Yesterday's ride with Andy and Barry was the shit! Was on my full suspension rig for the first time in almost 6months, with a freshly serviced fork from Fox on the front. Super-plush. Rode lines i've never ridden before! The big moment was scaling the rock up to balancing boulder, that rock has rejected me so many times in the past couple years... you basically rage straight at it, pull up as hard as possible and try to get the cranks turned over once up. if you don't get the cranks turned over, you fall back and land hard on your back. yeehaw! one of many great lines for me yesterday... with everything frozen-up, traction was superb. SUPERB!

had a great new year's with some old friends at our place for steak and lobsters. have a lot more to write about, plans for 2006, etc, but right now i need to go run. i'm a running fool these days. the jay challenge may be in my future, but it's on the same wknd as 24hr nationals. big decisions. last week was my first 12hr wk since late october, brought me to 550 total hours for the year. feeling ready to get back into full swing...

got a real interesting ride report from Thom Parsons who's wintering out in california. i'll post the report and pics later, pretty wild stuff... now it's time to run!


At 1/01/2006 5:48 PM, Blogger Andy said...

good stuff Jeff - let's get that du-athalon going some time soon.


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