Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Nice Guy Eddie Cabot - is dead

i liked chris penn, thought he was a decent actor, a bit one-dimensional, but who cares, you knew what you were getting when he was on screen. he'd been directing some indy films and from what i understand they haven't sucked... now that he's dead, i bet they do twice as well. cynical, but true.

Since we're talking about news, it looks like Alito will squeak through Congress now that he made it through a completely partisan Senate committee (how can we let him warm a seat on the supreme court w/o knowing his stance on r vs w?). Talking about warm, 2005 was hottest on record, which may in part account for the whale in the Thames (whales aren't supposed to swim in rivers, right?). Theo's back with the Sox, we all (Red Sox Nation, that is) freaked-out when he left, but now are cranky as hell that he's back. Iran wants nukes, but who doesn't!?, i think i'll grab a couple myself. Military analysts warn that our military is stretched to breaking, but Rumsfeld says it's fine - hmmm, Iran wants nukes after sending endless dollars to Iraq to fund the insurgents, then they make their move to acquire nukes. Anyone else see this f'ing shit coming 2 yrs ago!?!?! And finally, the new Pope warns us of "loveless sex" - wow, thanks Pope, w/o your new guidance, i may have banged that wicked-hot waitress last night (umm, if i wasn't married that is).


At 1/26/2006 12:43 PM, Blogger Jason said...

You mean porn stars aren't "in love" Now it's ruined.

Sweet pleather shorts on that waitress. As my wife would say.. "holy yeast infection!"



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