Thursday, July 14, 2005

Ebbers cries like a child when sent to the big house

"Bernie Ebbers wept in court as he was told he faced 25 years in chokey for orchestrating the world's biggest securities fraud at WorldCom."

It is not enough. He'll serve way less than 10 - he can afford the type of lawyers that'll spring him. It's a country-club jail... He doesn't even have to report immediately, he's being given until October to get his affairs in order! Send him to Federal Prison at the very least! How about he serves a year in Federal Prison for every person at WorldCom that lost their 401K, job, future? That wouldn't re-pay his dept to society, though... lives were destroyed by this man and he serves a few years at a country club? At the very least let every person who held WorldCom stock get 10mins with the man. Alone.


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