Friday, July 15, 2005

Gold, baby, solid gold

The magic has returned. After feeling pretty flat, i'd reduced this week's saddle hours down to about 10, sticking to the road bike and a mix of non-standing intervals and easy riding to get some life breathed-back into my legs. But i couldn't take the road anymore! The sizzling-hot asphalt, lack of freedom and flow - and the endless angry Boston drivers honking at me for no reason other to express their dismay at being trapped "against their will" in traffic thick as molasses - was killing me on the inside. With every senseless honk it's like they're yelling-out for help, for freedom! Viva la empty highway!

Point is, I had to get into some quiet greenery and yesterday went for a mtbike ride with Mike Jordan... and BAM! There they were again - the CRAZY legs! You know what i'm talking about. Insane power while scrambling. We didn't hammer-through anything, it was more of a converstion pace as I hadn't chatted with that brother in a long time - but when we'd get to a technical climb or whatnot, the legs just felt terrific. What's impressive was how well Mike rode considering he'd ridden 78miles the day before and just got back into cycling 6-8 weeks ago after a mult-year hiatus. His skills are really solid too, as he led me down a couple of descents that had me let-out an involuntary yelp...

Tomorrow, Nathan, Harry, Jason and I head to a small 24hr race - Pat's Peak 24 - for some team riding. It looks like our major competition will come from Nathan and Harry's NAV teammates on a 5-person team. Nice! I like those odds. I'm really hoping, though, that the race has grown a bit and we get a few teams in the Expert category to go up against - as a race isn't a race if you're just cruising in the lead - then it becomes "training." And we all train plenty enough.

Ahhh, in other news, i contacted an old xc runner teammate from college - Ian Torrence - who's a real force on the ultra running scene - to ask for advice on fueling as my stomach turned on me at Dalton. He had some great tips - and pointed me away from using protein/carb rich drinks (Perpetum) to the same stuff i started using originally - sugar - with a mix of good solid foods. Interesting... Anyway, he took 13th in the Hardrock 100 last weekend - an ultra regarded as one of the toughest in the world. That guy is a fucking animal. I don't know how many ultra's he's done - but it's got to be near 100. He finished in 34hrs, with 30,000ft of elevation gain under his belt - and a top elevation of 14,000 feet! I don't even want to think about the suffering. I love it! There's a guy who followed his heart after college and it's done him right.


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