Wednesday, November 30, 2005

migrant labor

Is president Bush actually going in the right direction on migrant labor? He ditched efforts at "immigration" labor reform prior to the 2004 election due to a lack of synergy among the Republican party on the issue... but has brought it back in a recent speech. Our economy has been tied to seasonal migrant agricultural workers since the abolition of slavery (practically), but recent crack-downs on border security have made crossings difficult, expensive and dangerous. Families in Mexico that send their sons and fathers across the border in an age-old traverse of this country to pick oranges, strawberries, apples, etc... has been disrupted. Families are separated not just for a growing season, but for years due to the dangers of crossing the border back into mexico for the winter. This has been an issue that has bothered me for quite some time and has only gotten worse since 9/11. Giving workers seasonal work permits is a step in the right direction on this issue. Am i actually agreeing with something Pres. Bush said!? holy shit. i'm worried that i'll be struck by lightening or something - or forced to move to Texas.


At 12/04/2005 8:08 PM, Blogger Jason said...

What's next an "W" sticker on the car? HA!


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