Monday, November 28, 2005


weekend is finally ovah. we had jenn's fam over to the medford mansion, made a turkey with all the fixings, jenn busted-out an apple pie, drank a lot, ate a lot, the usual over-indulgent thanksgiving deal... on friday morning i woke-up early to the dogs whining for breakfast and immediately thought of the turkey-leg wating for me in the fridge. stumbled-down the stairs, threw-open the refrigerator door, peeled-back the tin foil covering the turkey to reveal a completely legless bird. "AGHHHHHH!" a 630a cry of despair. How could this happen? who would be so audacious as to take the chef's turkey leg? i cooked this damn bird, i deserve a leg! after questioning various family members the truth comes-out... 1/2 bottle of johnny walker black into the night, i ate the turkey leg... damn me.

rode to work again this morning and felt pretty good considering i haven't moved faster than a slow crawl for the past 4 days. it's still the prep phase of training so i'm not too concerned about the recent fall-off of fitness, but need to get into the weight room for a couple months of leg work here soon...


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