Friday, January 27, 2006


the news has been pretty reviting this week, too much to get into really. we all have google news... but Alito's nomination is too imminent to ignore. here's a scary bit:

"Sam Alito then went on to Princeton University, where his yearbook entry predicted that one day he would warm a seat on the Supreme Court." read short bio here.

that means his entire career has been focused on this one goal, ambition guiding every decision. i don't think anyone has an f'ing clue what this man will do once on the Court, he will finally be free to be his true self. ambition of this sort i find frightening, too political, not in my opinion what a Supreme Court justice should be. too tired and sick to get into it any further. time to get rockin' to work. servers are down for some reason, that's kinda my job, so i should probably get my ass in gear and down to the office. probably wouldn't have gone to work today otherwise. too sick to ride = too sick to work. slept like poo last night, forgot to take the most important aspect of the cure-all before bed last night - the 2 fingers of scotch (nyquil isn't bad either).

big snow epic planned for tomorrow with andy and brad. haven't seen brad in a while, will be good to ride with that lunatic. just need this cold to break-out of my head otherwise it'll be a long, hard day tomorrow, or worse yet - a day on the couch.


At 1/27/2006 11:42 AM, Anonymous dr. mike said...

so this means yur too sick to go out drinkin tonight? am i going to have to actually go out with a girl?


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