Monday, January 30, 2006

Huge huck

sunday was a complete wash, just didn't feel up to riding. this head and chest cold is sucking the life out of me. but, after 3 decent wks in a row, was probably good to take it easy last wk. jan hours are at about 40, which is 10 lower than i would have liked, but there's plenty of time to get the saddle time in... ended-up taking 3 out of 4 january Sundays off vs doing a 2-3hr ride, thus the "missing" 10hrs of saddle time for the month...

this wk started with 60mins indoor instead of 20-40, try to ease the indoor time up a bit and get more sat/sun rides in vs taking sundays off, build that endurance base back-up...

in snow news, check-out this photo sent by allison m. not just pretty crazy, but full-out lunacy:


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