Sunday, January 29, 2006


Chugged-down a couple quarts of Dayquil yesterday morning in preparation for what we were hoping would be a snow epic... servers crashed at work due to power failure, had to divert and head into office, this delay launched me into a frenzy of f-bombs like no other. if my F-bombs were A-bombs there wouldn't even be coackroaches left. i showed crazy-late for the ride, andy and ken had already done recon, no dice on the snow. ken suggested i leave my heaviest tires on as we'd be riding on some crap. my Dayquil induced mind didn't notice they were changing-off their studs for semi-slicks. let the road rip begin! it was a good one. ken hadn't ridden in forever, but showed some serious mental and physical presence to hang on this one. andy and i were on fire from a couple easy days due to snow/sickness and whatnot. legs and back are feeling it today and the cold has seeped back in, but haven't had the Dayquil crack yet today. wait a sec, that reminds me ... just took a couple good pulls from the bottle. hopefully by the time i get my gear-on for an easy couple hr road ride it'll have kicked-in as i feel like complete dogshit right now. probably shouldn't be riding... might need to take a nap to think it over.

oh yeah, you got to check-out the video link from andy's blog, saw the craziest thing yesterda...


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