Wednesday, July 27, 2005

when good legs go bad

Just got home from a ride on the north shore with andy. nothing intense, just a cruiser... minus the fast-moving monster lightning storm. wicked. then some chow. nice way to spend an evening - chilling-out with the leslie and andy. home now, top of the 8th in the sox game, we're leading 3-1... jenn's in exeter, visiting old friends - and it seemed a good time to write in the blog... but am beat-down tired. should just go to sleep, but jenn is en route home, would rather see her than be asleep... i just don't sit still very well...fingers are easy to move... bottom of the 8th. little better game than last night's injury-laden slug-fest it seems.

Last week was great. Huge legs! Not just for a day or two, but for 7 straight days (if i include sunday morning's rides at PP24) I didn't feel great on Saturday when doing laps, but sure felt good Sunday, so can count that one.

couple guys on base for the bad guys now, top of the 9th, here comes curt shilling...

as usual, I just kept beating on the legs each time i threw a leg over and felt good. all last week, 7 straight days, hard efforts throughout, or hard in the morning, medium in the afternoon. felt damn good. period. felt good to be fast. rode CRAZY lines up climbs in the fells the day after riding crazy climbs with andy and a freeride dude - josh - on the north shore. Durtion was down in rides all week, but it still somehow added-up to 15 or 16 hours. When the legs feel good, it's like i can't do enough, then i realize how much i've done. Then yesterday. Nothing. No power.

...shilling needs one more out to close this one out for the sox...

Been trying to take it easy this week while doing maintenance rides, but might not be enough break. Tomorrow must be a rest day. I hate rest days. I honestly love to train. But, I also love an epic race and this weekend's course is the best i've done yet - really want to have a good one and was hoping for the miracle legs. The solid gold. But as of today, things ae looking... i don't want to say anything negative here as that's not the way to get ready. i know better than that. for over a week i've been telling myself how pysched i am for it, as i am! it's going to be, rain. sun. speed. mud. pain. good.

Sox won.

Time for bed.


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